Oregon Win for Life Results

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OR Win for Life Winning Numbers

19 February 2024
9 25 33 52
17 February 2024
2 16 18 31
14 February 2024
16 28 29 56
12 February 2024
9 46 54 66
10 February 2024
13 17 27 67
07 February 2024
24 30 41 62
05 February 2024
20 25 73 76
03 February 2024
13 20 50 77
31 January 2024
16 36 45 69
29 January 2024
5 13 21 63
27 January 2024
5 44 46 71
24 January 2024
18 39 45 53
22 January 2024
24 56 59 60
20 January 2024
8 22 57 63
17 January 2024
37 42 44 51
15 January 2024
8 19 28 48
13 January 2024
3 28 39 72
10 January 2024
9 10 39 52
08 January 2024
20 30 59 65
06 January 2024
3 12 21 41
03 January 2024
8 34 57 71
01 January 2024
35 49 60 70
30 December 2023
12 14 25 47

About Oregon Win for Life Lottery

Win for Life is a popular lottery game that offers players the opportunity to win a lifetime prize of regular payments over the course of their entire life. The game's concept is straightforward and appealing: instead of receiving a lump sum amount, winners receive a fixed monthly or annual payment for the rest of their life.

How To Play?

Embarking on the enthralling journey of "Win for Life," the revered Oregon Lottery game, promises an enticing opportunity to seize the jackpot of a lifetime - $1,000 per week, every week, for the rest of your days. Delve into the multifaceted world of lotteries as we unveil the complexities and strategies that elevate your chances of basking in perpetual prosperity.

1. Ticket Purchase: 
Prepare for the adrenaline rush that comes with acquiring your "Win for Life" ticket. Engage with the array of vibrant designs and captivating promises displayed at authorized Oregon Lottery retailers. Each ticket symbolizes the possibility of forever altering your destiny.

2. Number Selection:
Elevate the art of decision-making as you deliberate over selecting four fortuitous numbers from the boundless pool of 1 to 77. This strategic task calls upon your instincts, intuition, and perhaps even a touch of numerology. Alternatively, succumb to the allure of chance by opting for a Quick Pick ticket, allowing the enigmatic computer to weave a tapestry of destiny on your behalf.

3. Play Types:
Empower yourself with the freedom to shape your lottery experience by exploring various play types. The Standard Play, an ageless classic, challenges you to unlock the grand prize by flawlessly matching all four chosen numbers in their precise drawn order. Fuel your audacity with the 2-Game Play, receiving two sets of four numbers, thereby doubling your odds of claiming victory. Unleash the full force of your ambition with the 4-Game Play, bestowing upon you four sets of numbers and opening a Pandora's box of possibilities.

4. Embrace the Draw Schedule:
An appreciation for meticulous timing is paramount in the realm of lotteries. Embrace the anticipation of the "Win for Life" drawings, an exhilarating spectacle taking center stage thrice a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, at 7:30 PM Pacific Time. The pulse of excitement quickens as the clock ticks toward the pivotal moment when dreams intertwine with reality. With sagacity, obtain your ticket well in advance, cognizant of the sales cutoff, typically an hour prior to the draw.

5. The Enthralling Draw:
Indulge in the allure of the draw, transforming the mundane into a magical event. Invite friends and family to partake in the collective exhilaration. The flicker of hope and desire sparkles in every eye as the winning numbers unfurl their mystery. This is the crescendo of anticipation, an orchestration of suspense and delight.

6. Verifying Your Numbers:
The instant of truth arrives as you verify your ticket against the triumphant numbers. With bated breath, you observe the sequence unfold, seeking alignment with your cherished digits. A symphony of emotions engulfs you - elation, hope, and perhaps a tinge of anxiety. The moments leading to validation are enchantingly nerve-wracking, underscoring the grandeur of the experience.

7. Triumph and Triumph Again:
A euphoric victory awaits the fortuitous soul who matches all four numbers in perfect harmony. A journey of perpetual prosperity begins, culminating in the exuberant collection of $1,000 per week. Relish the taste of triumph and revel in the life-changing possibilities that lie ahead. Grace the esteemed Oregon Lottery office to claim your well-earned reward. For smaller conquests, bask in the convenience of redemption at authorized lottery retailers.

8. Cherishing the Journey:
In the pursuit of fortune, let us not forget to cherish the journey itself. "Win for Life" represents a tapestry of experiences, shared aspirations, and the communal thrill of possibility. Embrace the camaraderie of fellow players, for together, you form a tapestry of dreams.

As you partake in this spellbinding venture, remain mindful of responsible play, ensuring the enchantment remains a joyful one for all involved. As the stars align and chance weaves its web, may destiny smile upon you, and the echoes of victory resound through the annals of your life. Best of luck, dear dreamer, as you venture into the captivating world of "Win for Life."

Prizes and Odds?

All 4 numbers in Win for Life set

Prize: $1000 a week for life

Odds of Winning:

All 4 numbers in either of the two $50,000 sets

Prize: $50,000

Odds of Winning:

All 4 numbers in any one of the four $20,000 sets

Prize: $20,000

Odds of Winning:

All 4 numbers in any one of the eight $10,000 sets

Prize: $10,000

Odds of Winning:

3 numbers in any set

Prize: $25

Odds of Winning:

2 numbers in any set

Prize: $2

Odds of Winning:

0 numbers on the ticket

    Prize: $3

    Odds of Winning:


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