About Us

About Us

LotteryCurrent: Advanced Ticket Scanning, Results, and Tracking Solution

LotteryCurrent is a sophisticated lottery application that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to scan lottery tickets for players across all states and games. Our cutting-edge technology ensures the highest level of accuracy and efficiency in ticket scanning. Additionally, LotteryCurrent offers players a comprehensive range of features, including up-to-date lottery results, an expense and winning tracker, notifications, a tax calculator, and more.

At LotteryCurrent, our primary objective is to cater to the needs of lottery players in every state of the United States. We strive to empower our users by equipping them with the most reliable lottery scanner, precise information on winning amounts, and a comprehensive set of tools and resources. With our state-of-the-art features, players can remain at the forefront of technology, gain insights from fellow members, access valuable lottery information, view results, and much more.

LotteryCurrent Inc. is a privately held corporation founded by a team of seasoned professionals with backgrounds in digital marketing and computer programming. Our founders have extensive experience working in reputable digital marketing companies across the United States and are avid lottery enthusiasts themselves. Each member of our company shares a deep commitment to fulfilling the needs of lottery players and providing them with the best tools and resources to obtain accurate information.

LotteryCurrent is a dedicated solution that merges advanced technology, expert knowledge, and a passion for lottery games. We aim to serve as the go-to platform for lottery players, assisting them in their ticket scanning endeavors, tracking their expenses and winnings, and delivering the precise information they require.


Is Lottery Current Free?

Yes, the website is free to use and does not have any paid features currently however, the mobile APP does have a free trial so you can try out our AI based lottery scanner and expense tracker an find out if you're a winner. We'll be sure you like it and get accurate results.




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