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Latest Powerball

10 June 2024
3 10 33 58 59 9
Next Jackpot on 12 June 2024
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Latest Mega Millions

11 June 2024
1 5 7 22 24 8
Next Jackpot on 14 June 2024
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Latest Lotto America

10 June 2024
5 11 14 25 26 9
Next Jackpot on 12 June 2024
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Latest Cash 5

11 June 2024
1 18 21 24 25
Next Jackpot on 12 June 2024
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Latest Pick 3

11 June 2024
0 7 3
Next Jackpot on 12 June 2024
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About Oklahoma Lottery

                                                                                                                                                                         Oklahoma Lottery Commission


The OK Lottery started in 2005. Since the lottery’s start in 2005, the Oklahoma Lottery has contributed over $1.18 BILLION to Oklahoma Education. Each month, lottery funds go into the Oklahoma Education Lottery Trust Fund where it is gets divided up into school budgets by the State Legislature and allocated for use by the District Administration.

The Oklahoma lottery offers several different games, including Powerball. Lotto America, Lucky for Life and Mega Millions which are multi-state lottery games. Lotto America jackpots start at $2 million, while Powerball and Mega Millions start off at $20 million. If a lottery player ad on the Powerplay for Powerball or the Megaplier for Mega Millions, you can increase your prize earnings except the jackpot amounts stay the same. Lucky for Life players can win a top prize of $1,000 a day for life if they match all the winning numbers.

The Oklahoma State Lottery also offers Pick 3: a daily lottery game in which players pick three numbers and can win up to $500 and Pick 4: a daily lottery game in which players pick four numbers and can win up to $5,000. Cash 5 is also offered by the state of Oklahoma and is a daily lottery game in which players pick five numbers and can win up to $25,000.


In addition to lottery ticket games the state of Oklahoma also has scratch off instant-win lottery games that come in a variety of themes and prize levels.

As the sales of the state of Oklahoma continue to grow, the Oklahoma Lottery will give more back to the community and help benefit students and teachers across the state.

In In FY2022, the Oklahoma Lottery paid out over $213 MILLION in total prizes to players. More than $22.4 MILLION was paid in commission to retailers across the state. Also, the Oklahoma Lottery net sales totaled more than $350.3 MILLION, bringing a large boost to the state's economy from ticket sales and scratch-off tickets.

Oklahoma Lottery Headquarters

Address: 300 N Broadway Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Phone: (405) 522-7700

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Where does the lottery funds go to?

The state of Oklahoma funds goes to fund Education. Each fiscal year, the first $65 million contributed by the Lottery will be used as follows:


  • 45% K-12 Public Education
  • 39.5% Oklahoma Higher Education
  • 5.5% Oklahoma Career Tech
  • 5% School consolidation fund
  • 5% Teachers retirement system

 Any additional profit above $65 million goes to the Teacher Empowerment Fund. These funds go to match  the dollars that local school districts contribute to certify advanced, lead and master teachers. It helps give teachers a raise, promotion and helps teachers stay in the classroom and help stem a teacher shortage that impacts schools across the state.

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